Finesta is the Estonian market leader in providing personnel services. When it comes to expanding your business to Estonia, starting up a new business or extending your capasity we can help you make it happen. Finesta specializes in strategic consultancy for outsourcing and optimizing efficiency from the manufacturing industry all the way to service industries. With a long history in providing reliable services, Finesta can provide you with all inclusive solutions.

You want the best when expanding your business. We believe quality comes from choosing the right partner’s. By choosing Finesta as your preferred partner we bring you the experience that allows you to connect with them. Together we start by building your team. And that team builds the business, like you want it. And as a team member, you can make a difference in taking your new company to the next level. Finesta offers a full scope of Innovative Personnel Services to improve efficiency in our customer’s personnel and material flows.



Success is built by people. Finesta can help you to find the right people, at the right time and take your business to a new level.