Finesta is the leading personnel services company in Estonia. We are active in a wide variety of areas and at various organizational levels. We offer full-time, part-time and flexible work through contract staffing based on job opportunities available. We bring together the potential workers and their employers and take care of everything that happens after. We sign an employment contract with you; we are responsible for your wages and other benefits; we organize the supervision of your working conditions and working relationships. We are there for you.

Finesta’s actions are based on trust and personal approach, with the objective of finding a solution that satisfies all the parties and of keeping good relations. We align with the general law, agreements and good business practices.


A survey of employees’ satisfaction in Finesta conducted by Psience in March 2013 revealed many positive results. The majority of the respondents rated Finesta as being better than other staffing rental companies and they were satisfied with their role. They liked having the job and the supporting attitude and help provided by Finesta’s consultants. While working at the client’s enterprise the majority of the respondents felt they were equal to the company’s own employees. Most of the respondents would like to associate themselves with a staffing rental company also in the future, which is a great compliment to us.

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  • you’re looking for part-time work
  • you’re looking for extra work
  • you’re looking for temporary work
  • you’re looking for permanent work
  • you want to work in Estonia
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