Finesta is dedicated to providing solutions for international businesses on quality recruitment, staffing, outsourcing and localization projects. We can find you the best people and the best partners to help you grow your business. We focus on fields of service that require specific professional competence and skill. Finesta acts as a strategic partner for our clients and by taking changing economic trends into account we commit to reaching the goals set with our clients. At Finesta we pride ourselves in always being reliable and creative in finding the best long term solution to suit your needs.


Our goal is to produce a satisfying and measurable result for each and every party involved. Skilled personnel, high competence and experience in managing personnel flows in today’s fluctuating environment. We offer companies solutions that look at the big picture, not forgetting that a single person can be the most important asset of a company. We believe in people.


Our values:

  • Reliability
    We take our agreements and social responsibilities seriously. That’s to say that Finesta will take care of the contracts and responsibilities we’ve committed to as agreed and in time.
  • Trustworthiness
    Finesta always keeps promises and constantly thrives to exceed those of both the companies and individuals involved. Whilst communicating openly and with honesty we hold on to the confidentiality of all parties involved.  With best interest of our clients in mind we navigate amongst the rules and regulations of today’s world. 
  • Professionalism
    The personnel of Finesta in their respective countries know the legislation and local procedures on how to serve our clients according to the law.
  • Humanity
    We at Finesta believe that on both sides of each agreement, we are all human.


Finesta Baltic OÜ was established in 2008.

Finesta is a member of several umbrella organizations:

Estonian Staffing Association

Estonian Electronics Industries Association

Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry