Finesta Flow™ – a turnkey solution for your needs!

Finesta Flow™ is a coordinated systematic process that helps companies develop a flexible talent management strategy which systematically reduces costs and increases productivity. Finesta Flow™ has been developed in order to achieve fast results and to satisfy all the participants in the process. It is an experience-based tool for achieving desired goals in every field of business and in every type of organization. 


Finesta Flow™ is for:

  • optimizing the company’s personnel costs
  • talent management and outsourcing
  • increasing company’s efficiency through personnel management
  • finding the right people at the right time in the right place
  • striving to develop their existing workforce








Flexibility comes in various forms – part-time or full-time work, work outside of normal working hours, and project-based work. Finesta Flow™ works on the basis of the companies’ needs to find them the right talent for the right job and at the right time, additionally finding, motivating and developing the talent. Finesta consults companies on bringing out the best in the talents and offers to train the talent to match with the company perfectly.

Finesta Flow™ is a turnkey solutions system. A valuable tool when the client starts with a new project – such as an expansion to Estonia or branching into a new field of business. When using Finesta Flow™   we first map the needs of the client, then search and find the right people, ensure the work results and once all the agreed goals have been achieved, deliver a functioning solution to the client.

Finesta Flow™ steps are:

  • Kick-Off 
    In Kick-off we assist our customer in creating a proper business plan, helping in finding suitable funding possibilities and making needed competition analyses. Kick-off phase includes all activities needed for establishing a company and finding best possible solution for needed premises. With the client we take care of project planning and finding the right project leader.
  • Team Building
    In Team Building the management team will be created and organization structure will designed. First steps for staffing will be started in order to be able to find all the key talents necessary. The aim of Team Building is to develop the key team and implementation processes so far, that a pilot production or service delivery can be evaluated and fine-tuned to be able to start operations.
  • Talent management
    Talent Management phase will bring the selected management to start operating independently and staffing for mass production will be completed. All needed processes will be implemented and audited. Also needed equipment will be installed and approved for production. From now on our, the whole organization is ready to operate independently.
  • Competence development
    Competence Development begins a continuous improvement project to ensure that the agreed KPI’s are reached. When pre-determined measures have been reached the whole operation will be ready to hand-over for customer to take over.
  • Hand-over
    Finesta will hand-over running operation for customer and Finesta’s team will step-out.
    Finesta Flow™ ensures high-quality integrated solutions and results tested by specialists.


Finesta Flow™ implementation improves the functioning of the organization in regard to its efficiency, yielding in more rational use of resources, as well as better productivity. Updated operations improve the organization’s overall productivity, financial results and customer satisfaction, as well as the employees’ wellbeing.