Workforce lease

“We will always find you the finest.”

Leasing workforce is recruiting via a flexible, cost effective and low risk process:
Finesta personnel lease services industries with seasonal high volume personnel needs, production peaks, unexpected growth and immense production changes. It’s a flexible and cost effective way of finding resources when you need them fast. There are no hidden costs – only the hourly charges of the workforce.

It’s also recruiting with a low risk. Once the term of employment with Finesta is full-filled the employee can be transferred to a contract directly with the client. If the employee doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the company they are also easily and quickly changed to a more suitable one. Time spent on human resources management is freed for strategic work for developing your organization and it’s processes.

Finesta’s workflow is a direct search based on the client’s needs where applicants are personally screened. In case of a downsizing process, we seek to find a placement for the employees let go. Before selecting employees we consult the client in order to find the best applicant for you.

Finesta takes care of the legal paperwork and permissions, medical insurance and other benefits for the leased workforce. We can also arrange accommodation and support for integrating to a new location.

Your company needs outsourcing when you need to keep focus on your main fields of business to evolve in accordance with the current requirements in your field. This is part of the company’s strategic plan to cope better and stay competitive. During changing times your company’s needs may change sooner than was originally planned. Finding the right person requires time, money and endless negotiations. Recently jobs have become increasingly mobile and companies are adapting to this new reality. Help here lies in outsourcing in order to preserve the company´s resources for its main functions thereby increasing your competitiveness in the marketplace.