A recruitment specialist opens the gate to onboarding a new employee

Ave Merilo

Onboarding new employees basically means having an integration programme. In addition, this novel term helps remind us of the importance of the process.  

The more progressive organisations consider taking on new employees as part of their talent management programme. Even if you don’t think of your employees in terms of talent life cycles, it is worth paying attention to onboarding. Studies show that onboarding impacts a company’s effectiveness and profits, and it also improves the performance of a new employee by 10%. In addition, a well-functioning integration programme increases work satisfaction and dedication, and it also decreases stress and personnel turnover.


New technology makes recruiting more efficient

Rainer Aunpu - Founder and CEO of Skillific, Business Development Manager of Finesta

Considering the global pace of technological innovation, it is surprising how some sectors manage to stubbornly resist the overwhelming force of change. Human resources and recruitment services is probably one of the biggest areas worldwide which mostly lags approximately 20 years in terms of the utilisation of technology. The last real innovation seems to have been the digitalization of CV-s, and the introduction of central CV databases.

A number of smart solutions have been developed for making human resource services and recruitment more efficient, but these have found negligible use and market share compared to traditional methods. Even professional recruiting agencies still rely on such solutions as a pile of hardcopy CV-s on someone’s desk, an Excel spreadsheet for managing the recruitment process, and the „diagonal reading“ of CV-s to assess the candidates’ suitability. Not to mention manually sending hundreds of identical e-mails to candidates or the questionable regulatory compliance of the way candidates’ personal information is processed.


Finesta Baltic opened its Vilnius office


Finesta now has offices in all the Baltic states. Established in September, our subsidiary UAB Finesta Lithuania focuses mostly on staffing and recruitment, and the first recruitment processes have already been started. Lithuania is home to many international and domestic industrial producers, which gives us courage to set high goals.

Our recruitment services in Lithuania are headed by Indre Kirkilyte, who has extensive experience in the field. In addition to exceptional knowledge of his home market, Indre has conducted recruitments outside the Baltics as well. The CEO of UAB Finesta Lithuania is Martin Mägi, who also heads our Latvian office. Martin has been active in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets from 2013.

UAB Finesta Lithuania is a full member of the Estonian and Finnish Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania. Membership helps us stay up to date regarding local industry and cooperation opportunities.



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