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Staffing means recruiting via a flexible, cost-effective and low-risk process. Finesta has recruited over 7,700 talents for more than 70 clients, and we are here to help you.

Finesta’s staffing service is designed for companies that:

  • need a large seasonal workforce due to temporary high production volumes, unexpected growth or restructuring their production
  • need the right people for the right position at the right time
  • need to find labour resources quickly in a flexible and cost-effective way
  • want to recruit staff risk-free, as once the term of employment with Finesta is fulfilled, the employee can be hired by the client directly
  • want to save time and focus on their main activity and development, while leaving the time-consuming staff management to Finesta

Work process

  • We select employees based on our client’s needs and preferences
  • We will screen all candidates one by one and consult with the client before making the selection so as to find the right people for the right position
  • In the case of a redundancy, we will seek new positions for the laid-off temporary workers
  • We will also take care of the legal paperwork, work permits, health insurance and other details on behalf of the temporary staff
  • We can arrange accommodation and support the integration of temporary staff into a new location
We have approximately 1,000 capable employees currently working with different user companies. Our ability to offer temporary staff makes us the preferred partner for large enterprises as well as starting companies and foreign firms who wish to combine a sense of security with flexibility.

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